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A Whole New YancyNotNancy.com

September 30th, 2009

Welcome to my new site. I’m so excited about you being here to see the new yancynotnancy.com. Thanks for taking time to come and see and hear the latest in my world. We’re only one week away from the 10.6.09 release of my CD “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas”. I am beyond excited. It’s been great to play the music for friends and peers and hear such amazing feedback from them.

However, I can’t wait for you to hear it. Go ahead look around and see what’s new. I promise they’ll be plenty more to come here at my blog and on the site. Oh, don’t forget to follow me on twitter also. It’s your peek into my life and travel schedule sharing my music.

Have an amazing day….talk to you soon.


We are getting super close to the release of Yancy’s first Christmas CD titled “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas”. If you are tired of Christmas carols done the same old way then you are in luck cause this is a fresh, new, rocking but most of all happy approach to Christmas music. Yancy wrote two songs “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas” and “Christmastime” and both are sure to please. The CD will be in stores October 6th. For churches there will be a DVD of live lyric videos, mpegs and soundtracks available here at yancynotnancy.com. You can pre-order yours today.

‘Tis the season!