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Cool Things My Friends Do

July 29th, 2010

So I wanted to tell you about a couple cool things that some of my friends are doing that you just might want to check out for yourself.

The first one is a girl named Samantha from the Indianapolis, IN area. She attends a church called Connection Pointe. It’s a great church that I’ve had the honor of leading worship for not only their VBX summer event for kids but also their middle school services and High School Winter Retreat. Samantha is a big Yancy fan and she just recently started something pretty cool. (Especially cool for an 8 year old kid!) It’s Headbands for Hope. Samantha is making some pretty cute headbands and taking the profits from her sales and giving to two different charities. This is a young girl who gets what it means to use your talents to make a difference in this world and share the love of Jesus with others. I encourage you to check it out. You just might want to order a headband for yourself or maybe a gift for a friend and support this young entrepreneur who is using what they have to serve Jesus. Learn more at http://www.HeadbandsForHope.com/ or¬†http://www.facebook.com/headbandsforhope

Another good friend of mine has a blog, Impress Your Kids, that offers great ideas for parents on things they could to teach their kids at the Bible. It may be a craft or an activity but I promise it will be some creative ideas of ways you bring Jesus and the Bible into your everyday life and play time with your kids. You can follow¬†Impress Your Kids on twitter and facebook too. Here’s a link to their blog which you might want to check out right away. Currently they are doing a giveaway of my Rock-N-Happy Heart Devotional for elementary students. You just might be the lucky winner so go on the site and enter to win.


Thanks for taking the time to check out the cool things my friends are doing. Hope your summer is still rocking and your back to school plans are a rolling!
Until next time.


So it’s been awhile. I spent two fantastic weeks on the road in the Dallas, TX area. I did two weeks of camp at Mt. Lebanon Camp and then was a part of 4th of July festivities at Family Worship Center in McKinney and then a weekend of worship and worship team training at Spring Creek Church in Garland. Everything is bigger and grander in Texas (especially the size of their bridges and overpasses) and it was a fantastic two weeks on the road. Saw lots of old friends and made some new ones. It was a blast!

I came home for a few short days and then headed up to the beautiful Lexington, KY for the CMX . It was a great 2 days of hanging out, sharing ideas, meeting new friends and the first ever performance of a new song “Make It Loud”. It was an awesome experience to sing the new tune for an audience for the first time….oh and it was my birthday too which made it even more fun. When I wasn’t working I was getting my favorite ice cream in all the world! Yes, I said WORLD. “Graeter’s ice cream” It is Heaven on earth….at least in my humble opinion.

This week I’m up in Rushville, NY right on Lake Canandaigua. I have a beautiful view of the lake outside my cottage and am enjoying the opportunity of leading worship and encouraging kids during their summer camp with the Family Life Network.

I mentioned getting to do a new song live for the first time “Make It Loud”. My new CD will release in October and I am sooooo excited for you to hear these new songs. The CD officially has a name it’s Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams. I’ll have some pre-order info for you soon here on yancynotnancy.com but until then here’s a few pictures hard at work in the studio during the making of the new CD.

I’ll be in touch soon. Hope your summer has been a happy one!