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I’ve always been intrigued by the verse in Luke 19:40 “But he said, “If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.” (MSG) I lead worship alot. In fact it’s a huge part of what I do with my music. I’m honored to create worship resources and write songs that people connect with and sing in their churches. We were created to worship God plain and simple. God created us to bring Him praise and this verse in Luke reminds us that if we keep quiet the rocks will take our place. God’s creation WILL bring Him praise. I know that I want to be one that unashamedly chooses to worship God, on stage and off. Seven days a week not just on Sunday or when we’re in a corporate worship service with hundreds or even thousands. Will you make the same choice to sing out the praises of our God? Here’s the lyrics to the song:

Ain’t nobody gonna take my place
Ain’t nobody gonna sing my song
This is what I was made for
Gonna lift my voice and make His praises known

Oh, Our God is big and He is worthy
Oh, Our God is big and He is worthy

Sing your praises out
If we keep quiet the rocks will sing it
Make your praises loud
All creatures of our God and King
All day long
All night long
With every breath
We’ll sing our song
Sing your praises out
Our God is big and He is worthy

Hey, hey, hey
Everybody sing
Hey, hey, hey

Everybody sing out
Lift your voice and shout
Give your praise to the one who saves us
Make your praises loud

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“Sing Your Praises Out”

Behind The Song: I Love You

October 26th, 2010

This song was one of the last I finished for the record. Mainly because it started out as two different songs. I had been playing around with the verse and different chorus melody options for a while….then I had this other piece to a song that I thought was just a nice worship refrain that is what is now the bridge to the song “I Love You”. After never feeling like the pieces were quite right one day I put the two songs together and thought they fit and complemented each other nicely. It’s funny how songs work themselves out.

This is a very personal, sincere and tender worship song. I’ve been really blown away by the feedback of the song so far. As I’ve talked with different people that have heard the record they always bring up this song as one of their favorites. I led the song in worship at a few camps this past summer and it was the same way. Numerous times I had people coming up asking about the “I love You” song. I have to admit it’s one of my favorites on the record. It’s just a sincere prayer to the Lord to say “You’re #1. Let my busy life never forget the amazing things You’ve done for me. My heart’s desire is to love You with all that I have.”

Here’s a clip of the song….let me know what you think!

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“I Love You”

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October 26th, 2010

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“Every Good And Perfect Thing”

I truly believe that the Bible is true. James 1:17 says “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” (NIV) I believe we serve a good God who freely gives us all good things in our life. So many people have struggles and go through situations here on earth that aren’t fun. I am completely convinced that the troubles we face in life are not because of a good God….that doesn’t make sense. Rather the healing and the redemption that comes from those times and the blessing and vision for our future is because of a good God that loves us very much. The song “Every Good & Perfect Thing” is a song about the goodness of God. A song about the thankfulness and gratitude that fills my heart each day as I look around at my life. Whether it’s friends, family or just simply God’s faithfulness His goodness is apparently obvious in my life. Not a day goes by that I’m not stopped in my tracks to be in awe of God’s hand in my life. I’m so grateful for the people and the opportunities God has placed in my life. I hope this song will inspire others to celebrate the amazing things that God has done for them. Every good and perfect thing comes from above. Don’t ever forget it!

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by R.J. Carter
Published: October 11, 2010 | Release Date: November 2, 2010 | Grade: A

I’ve been familiar with the Contemporary Christian Music scene for a number of years now — ever since it used to be called Gospel Rock and acts like Keith Green and David and the Giants were making the scene, shaking things up, and causing staid conservative parents and pastors to shake their heads and say, “That ain’t of God.” I’ve watched the genre grow through Petra and Stryper, and branch into mainstream CCM, worship movement, and music that is Christian in name.

Through all of that, I cannot recall ever having run into an act like Yancy: a bursting-with-energy, filled-with-fun female CCM rock-n-roller. Her latest album, Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams, launches with an explosion of dance party enthusiasm that is clearly Christian but will make Southern Baptists feel guilty when they notice their legs moving. The initial track, “Make it Loud,” evokes the synthpop sound of Stefy with a vivacious, Timex-ticking rhythm, as the girl with the guitar belts out a chorus of “I won’t stop / I will sing / Jesus is my everything. / I’m gonna make it loud so the word gets out.”

The momentum gets impossibly stronger as Yancy barrels into the second track, “Love God Hate Sin,” with a strong message of right and wrong that will rub the situational ethics folks the wrong way if they’re paying attention to the lyrics, even after she’s made the point that Christianity is neither a liberal nor conservative monopoly. “It’s either black or white, so don’t look for gray. / The lights are flashing ‘Keep Out’ where you wanna go play. / Religion makes it harder with its prisons and its rules / But in the end you’re either with the wise men or the fools.”

It’s not all frenetic pop, though. Yancy starts to (barely) rein things in a bit with “Every Good and Perfect Thing,” which retains its youth-appealing verve while steering things just a little bit closer to a mainstream CCM sound. This grounding allows for another downshift of gears into the melodic “I Love You,” a softly performed verse and chorus which fits the Worship Music feel perfectly without sounding as formulaic as so much of the Worship Music genre does today.

Sticking with the Worship Music mode, Yancy starts to pick up the pace again with “Sing Your Praises Out,” before getting back into the same groove she began the album with, thrashing that guitar and blasting out a positive rocked-up version of Romans 8:31: “God is for me, not against me / I have nothing to fear / He makes me strong / This I know / God is for me not against me / I have nothing to fear / He loves me so / This I know.”

“Forever and Ever” takes a departure for some hard rock, both instrumentally and vocally, before taking a quick and unexpected plunge into “Sincerely Completely Yours,” which employs more of an orchestral sound and a style that’s a blending of Melissa Etheridge vocals and Chris Tomlin’s arrangments.

There’s not much to say about “Time to Celebrate,” other than that it’s just a whole pack of fun that will get you out of your seat (or dancing in it, if you happen to be driving). The track bleeds seamlessly into a unique arrangement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” without losing any of the established kinetic chemistry. Like much of Yancy’s work on Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams, these tracks can be put into your Red Bull infused dance party mix for a celebration guaranteed to wear you out.

To allow for recovery, the last two tracks of the album — “I Belong to Jesus” and “Be Glorified” — slow things down to a moving and thoughtful benison. It’s a fitting closure, and certainly a responsible one — you don’t want to send people out into the world all hopped up on that sixty-beats-per-second rhythm that permeats much of the album, after all.

Yancy represents a much needed fresh sound in the Christian music genre, filling a niche for some much needed fun and frenzy, a departure from the CCM-norm while maintaining a solid grounding in the basics of the Gospel message. Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams should be smuggled in to your next youth lock-in or AWANA party.

In the 80’s there was a Christian rock band, Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart, that my Mom was a fan of. They had a song called “Love God, Hate Sin”. I knew about the band and even attended a concert or two back in the day. When I was a kid my Mom signed every card or letter to me with the words “Love God, Hate Sin”. It became expected and even redundant but somewhere along the way those words became truth in my life. The desire to love God with my whole heart and serve Him with everything inside of me grew day by day and year after year. Saying no to the weight of sin that can darken our life and instead choosing the freedom of Christ that only brings light and completeness. In planning the new record I decided to do a cover of the song “Love God, Hate Sin” as a gift to my Mom but the truth of its words I felt challenged to share with you too. I hope you’ll enjoy the tune (if you know the original you’ll know this version is very different in sound) but I hope the words will grow roots in your spirit to help point you in the way you should go on your journey with Christ. Here’s just a clip of the song for you to hear.

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Yancy was a guest today on Christian Devotions Speak Up. If you’d like to hear the interview you can. Yancy shares about her life growing up, writing devotionals and also her new CD.