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I hope your Christmas was grand…..I had an amazing time filled with family and friends, Christmas eve services and activities. As we are nearing the end of 2010 and approaching 2011 I wanted to remind you of an opportunity. To receive tax credit for your 2010 donations to Yancy Ministries, Inc. we must receive them or have them postmarked by 12/31/10. A few weeks back I posted about an opportunity I have for you to join me in impacting families and especially preschool age kids through a project called “Little Praise Party”. I would greatly appreciate you considering this opportunity. You can read the full post here:


Thank you in advance for your willingness to help. May the last few days of your 2010 be filled with God’s blessings and anticipation for all He’ll do through you in 2011 and beyond.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Family and friends are gathering together to celebrate the season of Christmas and the miracle that was born. Jesus, Emmanuel, is the Savior of the world. That makes me want to jingle bells, drink hot chocolate and have a Christmas singalong! We have three awesome ways to help you celebrate and all three involve FREE stuff.

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I am writing you today rejoicing that we get to celebrate such an amazing event this Christmas. We’ve been given the gift of Jesus, born to us, to be the Savior of the world. What a blessing to remember all that we’ve been blessed with this year. I can’t believe 2010 has almost passed and we are standing at the doorway of 2011. More reasons to love, celebrate and live life following the words Jesus spoke to us to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15 NIV)


In 2007, I started a journey. I’ll be honest, I had no idea how big God was going to use a simple collection of songs I call “Little Praise Party”. This music is a little different than what most of you might be familiar with when you think of Yancy. These songs are for preschoolers. I produced a CD of songs that included remakes of Sunday School Classics and new songs I wrote thinking of these little ones vocabulary and attention spans. I have been blown away at the emails, testimonies and even videos that have been sent in about how the music has impacted kids, families and churches. In January 2009, I went on to release a DVD that was filled with animated cartoon style music videos for the songs which has been used by thousands of churches and family minivans!

I was leading worship at a conference in April 2008 when God laid on my heart to give away the money that “Little Praise Party” makes. I felt it was my way of giving back and giving to a group of kids that can’t pay me back. I am happy to say I’ve donated those profits over the past few years to two ministries. The first, Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission, a ministry that I got to see in action first hand when I visited their orphanages in Romania www.remm-ministry.org. The other is Embassy of Hope and their Kids Helping Kids program www.embassyofhope.org. This missions family has been a part of my life since I was born and I’ve so enjoyed helping fulfill their son’s vision to impact kids through orphanages in India.

All throughout this year I’ve been asked “when is the next ‘Little Praise Party’ coming?” I’ve heard from church leaders how they need more resources like this for preschoolers. As time and funds were available this year I’ve recorded new songs. I’m happy to say the recording is two-thirds of the way done. Once the recordings are done we can proceed with the next step, a new animated cartoon DVD, which, as you may know, is not a low cost project.


I’ve realized that “Little Praise Party” is my mission field. The impact has been huge! I’ve been able to provide a needed music resource that is relevant to these precious little ones as they learn to praise our great God. These preschoolers don’t have an allowance or send in love offerings to thank me for my contribution to their life. I’ve responded to God’s leading to give away the money this resource brings in and, I’ll be honest, God has always provided for every need we have.

Yancy Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel through music to kids and families. We are able to raise most of our funding through opportunities to minister at churches, camps and conferences. Also, by families and churches ordering our music resources and devotionals. You may know that I’m pregnant, giving birth to my firstborn early March. Since I normally tour year round and these live events all involve me being there live in the flesh, this will be impossible for a few months of 2011. As I prepare to give birth and welcome my own little one, I’ll have to take some time off from the road. I’m excited to invite my baby boy to join in the “Little Praise Party”. I want to share with you one of my favorite Bible verses pertaining to kids’ worship. Psalm 8:1&2. “God, brilliant Lord, Yours is a household name. Nursing infants gurgle choruses about You; toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk, and silence atheist babble.” (MSG) A child that knows how to worship His creator is powerful stuff! So, this is where we arrive at the present need.

Here at YMI we are coming off the release of a new preteen CD/DVD resource “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams”. We have funds still tied up in the promotion and cost of this project that prevent us from being able to move forward on the next “Little Praise Party”. Here are our needs for this project:

· To finish the CD recording

· Create the accompanying animated singalong DVD

· Design, package and duplicate the CD and DVD

· Properly promote and get the word out there that this resource is available.

· Give away a substantial amount of these CD’s and DVD’s to churches and families to help them plant seeds of God’s word in their preschooler’s hearts.

· Have this release no later than summer 2011.


You may ask how much will this cost? $50,000.00. Is that a big number? Absolutely. But I believe we serve a big God and He has called us to do some big things in the days ahead.

I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider what you can give. As 2010 comes to a close and you consider year-end giving or even continued support throughout 2011, please consider giving funds to this project. I know thousands of kids will thank you in Heaven for your contribution. You may know of someone else that would be interested in giving towards this. Please pass this opportunity on to them or contact our office with their information. Your church or business may want to consider giving as well.

For every gift of $50 or more we’ll send you one of these CD/DVD sets when it’s completed. Some of you can give a larger gift of $100-$500. As our way of saying thanks we’ll send you the LPP CD/DVD and also our newest music and devotional for preteens. You may be able to give $1,000 or even more. If that’s you, we’ll send you a bundle of our devotional/music but also enter your church to receive a Yancy family concert in 2011. (Date to be mutually agreed upon and travel costs not included. Only one concert to be given.) Remember, for year end giving we must receive by December 31st to give you 2010 tax credit. You can give online at www.yancynotnancy.com/contact/ click on the “Make a donation” button or you can mail a check to us at:

Yancy Ministries, Inc.

2441-Q Old Fort Pkwy #354

Murfreesboro, TN 37128

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for your support, prayers and love. We are impacting generations of Christ followers together! May you and yours have a very blessed Christmas!


$5 CD Sale This Weekend Only

December 10th, 2010

We love Christmas! We hope you love it too. We want to give you and yours an awesome deal on a super fun soundtrack for this season. This weekend only get “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas” CD’s for $5. There’s no limit to how many you can order so stock up. Whether you get it for your car or home, work or church we know you’ll enjoy these rocking tunes to make you a little extra jolly. So, hurry go to http://yancynotnancy.com/store/cds/have-a-fancy-yancy-christmas-cd/ and order these CD’s at this special price of just $5!!! For four days only, this offer ends Monday 12/13.

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I’m out and about on my Christmas tour having a good ol’ time! It’s so fun sharing this Christmas music with families and definitely is helping to get in the Christmas spirit!

Earlier this year I partnered with an organization called Sweet Sleep. They provide beds for orphans. Can you imagine not having a good, clean mattress and pillow to sleep on at night? There’s many kids all over the world that are faced nightly with unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions. You can learn more about this organization at http://www.sweetsleep.org. Sweet Sleep believes that a bed is a tangible expression of God’s love and that every child deserves a clean, comfortable place to sleep.

They have some amazing programs for groups and churches to do a group project to raise funds and resources. If you’re looking for a new way your church or group can partner with a missions project I highly recommend you checking out what Sweet Sleep offers.

This Christmas, you can give the gift of Sweet Sleep in honor or memory of friends and family. You can make a gift in any amount, providing beds, bedding or Bibles to orphans and we’ll send a card (or you can send an e-card) to your honoree letting them know of your gift. You can see the different items needed now in their new Gift Catalog at http://www.sweetsleep.org/givethegift

Many blessings to you and yours!

Today is Yancy’s grandmother’s birthday. Which is pretty special but being as Yancy was named after her grandparent’s last name it makes celebrating Betty Yancy’s birthday extra special. You get to help us celebrate.

Get 1/2 off “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas” CD-10 Pack! Only thru Thursday, 12/9! This 10 pack of Yancy’s Christmas CD is perfect for stocking stuffers, class, neighbors, co-workers or really anyone on your gift list. We’ve heard from many this season it’s their Christmas CD of choice decorating the tree or in the family car.

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We hope you’re having a great week and ready for a great weekend. We have an awesome special for the weekend. If you have a preteen student or family on your gift list this would be a perfect gift for them. Here’s the low down: You can get the new CD “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams” + “Rock-N-Happy Heart: The Devotional” for only $18! (That’s a savings of $8) Offer ends Monday, December 6th!

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It’s officially December. The Christmas shopping is officially underway for most. People have houses decorated inside and out to celebrate this super fun season. It’s truly my favorite time of year. I’m very excited to start my Christmas tour this Sunday in the Indianapolis area. I’ll be on the road for about 8 days doing Christmas concerts and singing songs from my “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas” CD. Inviting others to join in the singalong fun and be reminded of what this season is really all about.

As I was driving yesterday, seeing decorations, maneuvering through traffic, processing why this is my favorite time of year I realized how cool it is that the whole world stops what they are doing to join in the celebration of Christmas. All the hustle and bustle, all the fuss, is in honor of our King. Jesus was born to us to be the Savior of the world. We are so blessed. What a fun time this is to celebrate his birth and God’s amazing love for HIs children. The world, whether they admit it or not, is joining in the Christmas fun that all began cause Jesus was born!

As you get into the Christmas spirit don’t forget you can get a couple Yancy Christmas ringtones for FREE. Go to: http://yancynotnancy.com/music/ and scroll to the bottom of the page till you see “ringtones”.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas friends!

I’m so excited. My vocal coach, Kim Wood Sandusky, has been working on a set of DVD’s and they are finally here. If you’re needing some help vocally (or know someone who does) this would be an amazing gift. Whether for Christmas or to resource your worship team, or upcoming artist in the family.  http://kimwoodsandusky.com/products-page/

I’ve worked wth Kim for about seven years. She is a lovely lady inside and out. She loves Jesus and she is beyond qualified to raise your skill set vocally. Her clients include: Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac, Bebo Norman, Everlife, Mandisa and more: