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It’s no joke, visit www.only144.com to get the details. ONLY144 has been working on putting together this epic bundle sale for several months partnering with 15 different resource providers. The stars have literally lined up for this to happen. I wanted to let you know about it, because it truly is an incredible deal if you’re looking for a boatload of awesome resources and THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

You will get $60 worth of my Yancy Children’s Worship Videos that you can use for your worship anytime, along with about $1,000 worth of other resources from amazing producers.

There’s only a few hours left. Once this deal is over, it’s over, so I hope you can take advantage. With tight budgets, this is a real winner.

22 hours to go…visit www.only144.com.

Ah! It’s August 16th, a very special day in my life. Today, sixteen years ago I performed my first concert. At the young age of fifteen I was given the opportunity to share some original music for the first time along with performing a collection of songs by other artists. It was the first time my dream took some steps. Looking back today I’m humbled by the journey that God has led me on with my music. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met and for their time spent listening to the music live and at home on CD’s and iPods. I’m grateful for people I’ve met along the way that have helped me, given me opportunities and introduced relationships. I rejoice over the lives that have come to know Christ. I cheer on those that have realized they have a dream and taken steps in their own life for that dream to take flight. If you’ve been a part of my journey in the past sixteen years today I simply say “thank you”. I’m not stopping. The fun is just beginning! I’m glad you’re a part of my life! Have an awesome day on the journey that God has you on in your life.

HURRY!  There’s only 71 hours left!

$97 for $1,074 worth of Children’s Ministry Resources

I wanted to let you know about this because it is really incredible and doesn’t happen very often.  And, I think it will totally bless your socks off.  You can see everything included in the list below.  These are all trusted friends in ministry and some of the best Children’s ministry resource providers on the planet (including some Yancy live lyric videos to use in your worship times, which we’re rather fond of).  Hoping this is a huge blessing to your Children’s ministry.  Here’s what’s included:


Yancy Worship Videos ($60)

High-Voltage Kids ($40)
Timbuktoons Videos ($120)
VBS Curriculum ($99)
River’s Edge Elementary and Preschool Curriculum ($95)
Preteen Ministry Curriculum ($88)
Gameshow ScoreKeep from Digital Stache ($25)
Orange Conference Registration Coupon ($120 off)
Children’s Pastors Conference Coupon (14.4% off)
Jim Wideman ($20)
Kidz Graphics ($50)
Children’s Administrative Forms ($19)
Volunteer Training Audio ($198)
Kidzmatter Coupon ($50)
The first 100 who order will receive the book THINK ORANGE by Reggie Joiner.

Order it by going to www.only144.com.
It ends forever on Thursday, August 18 so don’t miss out. Take a few minutes to check it out.


This week we have a great deal to help with your Back to School devotional time. Enter in coupon code happydevo at checkout to receive the Rock-N-Happy Heart Devotional Combo (Book and CD together) for only $15! This gives you a great back to school savings of $10 for both items! At this price, you can even buy a set for a friend and both have a Rock-N-Happy fall spending daily time with God together! Hurry….. this great bargain will only last through August 21st!

*Remember Google Checkout users you have to re-enter the coupon on the Google checkout page.

The Rock-N-Happy Heart Devotional is a daily devotional for preteens that is based on the songs from Yancy’s Rock-N-Happy Heart CD. It matches each song to a different chapter over the span of twelve weeks. Topics include whom God created us to be, worship, devotion, salvation, God’s plan for our lives, and what comes out of our mouth. This devotional is also perfect for teaching preteens the importance of a daily devotional time.