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CINCINNATI – September 19, 2012 – Standard Publishing introduces a first-of-its-kind Vacation Bible School program for 2013. God’s Backyard Bible Camp™ – Under the Stars is the first SuperSimpleTM VBS and features Bible stories that all occur in the evening. This summer night theme adds a new element of excitement for children as they learn about and experience service.

SuperSimple™ means the kit has everything a church needs to plan and lead VBS. What makes this program truly stand out is:

· music by award-winning Christian artist Yancy

· service programs that teach kids to Serve Family, Serve Friends, Serve Community, Serve Neighbors, and Serve Jesus.

· life-changing messages from mission partner Beth Guckenberger of Back2Back Ministries

· all NEW interactive Bible experiences

· a super FUN way to remember learning to serve with Backyard Bible Pals by Floppets™

For churches that prefer summertime fun in the sunshine, Standard is also offering God’s Backyard Bible Camp – Under the Sun where different daytime stories of service are entwined with outdoor games, water fun, tree house motifs, and backyard barbecues.

Either way, the focus of God’s Backyard Bible Camp is on service, and Standard’s 2013 VBS comes packed with a variety of ways for kids to discover and experience the kind of service-filled lives God wants us to live.

“Helping kids understand how to live lives of service goes to the heart of what Jesus taught all of us,” said Stephanie Woeste, Vice President of Marketing for Standard Publishing. “This year we’ve not only focused on making this valuable lesson fun for kids, we’ve redesigned the way both programs are put together to make them even simpler for leaders to lead.”

A Kids Serving Kids™ Mission Project is built right into the VBS experience. Through a unique partnership with Back2Back Ministries, in daily video segments author and Back2Back Ministries co-founder Beth Guckenberger will take children to Mexico to meet a young orphaned boy named Joel, who learned he was not forgotten. Kids will see and begin to understand God’s bigger world beyond their backyard and be inspired to help.

All-new songs and music videos created just for God’s Backyard Bible Camp by children’s worship artist and composer Yancy will reinforce lessons and build excitement for serving Jesus. In this industry-exclusive relationship, Yancy has composed all-new, reproducible songs with lyrics that tie to the lessons.

“We’re thrilled to continue our relationship with Yancy who understands how children worship and how to craft singable, memorable tunes,” Woeste explained. “Long after VBS is over, children and adult volunteers will all find they are still singing and being impacted by these catchy songs that pack a powerful message.”

The launch of the all-new SuperSimple™ VBS format is a gift to every time-stressed VBS director. Packed with everything they need to lead, the kit includes the Director’s Guide, PreSchool Director’s Guide, a six-disc Planning & Music CD/DVD set, and all leader’s guides and activity cards for crafts, snacks, games, and service projects. Additionally, all the resources for three age groups—PreSchool, Elementary/PreTeen, and Teen—are bundled together and available on disc for easy distribution to the VBS team. It is all in one box, available at one price ($199.99), in the SuperSimple™ VBS Kit.

New this year, kids will love collecting Backyard Bible Pals™ designed exclusively for Standard Publishing by Floppets™. These fun reminders of each lesson are already popular with kids and include a service focus and Scripture reference. They attach easily to the new 3-in-1 Lanyard and just about anything else. Additional VBS backyard essentials are also available for purchase.

God’s Backyard Bible Camp SuperSimple VBS Kits may be pre-ordered now from Christian retailers and will ship in December.

To learn more, visit www.vacationbibleschool.com, www.facebook.com/standardpublishingVBS, or www.standardpub.com.

About Standard Publishing: Standard Publishing serves churches worldwide and is recognized as a leader in true-to-the-Bible resources that educate, encourage, and enrich adults, youth, and children. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, visit www.standardpublishing.com or call 1-800-543-1353.

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For more information or to arrange interviews, contact Joni Sullivan Baker, 513/319-3231, or jbaker@buoyancypr.com.

Fifteen Years

September 25th, 2012

I’m later writing this post than I had hoped. In August fifteen years ago I started my professional music journey. I recorded “Big Weather Change”. While recording my first CD I came back to the hotel one day to find out news that was historic. Princess Diana had died. Are you like me? Do you remember some of those super specific events in life down to the detail of where you were and what you were doing? I can’t believe both Princess Diana’s death and my first CD (well, technically it was available on CD and Cassette…ha ha!) were fifteen years ago! Some of you reading this weren’t even born then. I do love the power of our memories and how it can hold such great detail to recount such memories even years later. Another amazing part of God’s creation!

Earlier this month, we remembered 9/11 and the tragic event it was for our country as Americans. I can’t believe that was eleven years ago. (BTW, I was in Ohio also at a hotel when that happened. You can read my post about it here )

Today, my little boy, Sparrow, turned nineteen months. What? What! How is that possible? I can’t believe he’s been with us for that long. He’s grown so much this month. I guess the point I’m trying to make in all of this is time is ticking on. Whether you like it or not the days turn into weeks which turn into months and years….rather quickly. Embrace it. Give an extra hug and kiss to someone you love today. Make the most of your time here on earth. Jesus is coming back! Start living like it! I want my life to count for something and to make a difference for others.

Peace and love friends,

So if you’re one of those out there who loves social media sites then you probably know about Instagram. If you don’t it’s a super cool app where you take pictures (and tweak the pictures with some filters that makes your picture look even snazzier) and then you post it for your “followers” to see. You should totally check it out. Yancy has been on Instagram for awhile but this week we launched the official Yancy Instagram with the name “yancynotnancy” of course. Come follow the pictures I post. It’s just another way for us to stay connected.

Ready…strike a pose!

In the September/October issue of K Magazine (a magazine for children’s ministry leaders) Yancy wrote an article on worship. It’s all about finding the right volunteers to help lead kids in worship. The article is called “We All Have Musical Chairs To Fill.” If you’re looking for some help in this area then check out what Yancy has to say on the subject.

Also, in the same issue Yancy ran an ad simply to say thank you to all the churches and leaders who use her music each week with kids. From all over America and really throughout the world we are amazed to hear how the music and video resources we have make an impact. What a honor it is to be a voice that helps kids understand who Jesus is!

So, what are you waiting for. Go check out the September/October issue of K Magazine.


Yancy loves you too! Thanks for all your support.


We are so excited to SHOW you a little taste of the all new music and videos by Yancy for Standard Publishing’s 2013 VBS. Watch a sample right here:

http://yancynotnancy.com/music/fancy-yancy-christmas-promo-videos/ (or click on the video to your right)

The theme for 2013 is service. How kids can serve their world everyday. It’s called “God’s Backyard Bible Camp Under the Sun and Under the Stars”. Standard has created two curriculums to tailor fit whether a church is doing the traditional daytime VBS or an evening VBS. You can learn all the awesome details at http://www.vacationbibleschool.com. There’s even a new missions outreach with Beth Guckenberger.

Yancy is pumped to be a part of this VBS curriculum. She says: “It’s a joy to write songs filled with God’s word to help kids and their whole families learn what it means to serve! I’m thrilled to be a part of Standard’s 2013 VBS. Go check out the eight new songs I wrote and produced.”



We Remember

September 11th, 2012

September 11th. Two words that say so much. These past eleven years this country has been on a journey. There were some boulders thrown in our path and I don’t believe any of us could ever forget where we were when…

I was in a hotel in Ohio when the first tower was hit. By the time we loaded up the car and started heading off to the next city for my concert that night the second tower was hit. My Mom was with me and I clearly remember her concern and sadness that life as we knew it would be no more. My concert turned into a cancelled concert and a long drive headed back towards home. The closest the rental car company would allow us to take the car was St. Louis. We met my Dad and sister there, spent the night at a hotel, waited in line for gasoline and headed home the next day.

Since that day…
Countless lives have been lost.
Thousands of days have separated families.
Little girls and boys have sacrificed their Mommies and Daddies.
What was taken cannot be restored.

Today we remember and say a special thanks to all those that serve our country. Every soldier, policeman, fireman, emergency responder. Those behind the scenes and on the frontlines. You serve our country to protect us and keep our freedoms.
We are grateful.
We are America.

God bless America…In God we trust!

Summer Is In The Dust

September 7th, 2012

Hello one and all.

I can’t believe it’s September….and I can’t believe summer is behind us. Where did the time go? My summer was filled with a bunch of concerts all around the US and Canada. I had a blast meeting new fans. Seeing old friends. Good times were had on the road.

Throughout the summer I worked on the music for Standard Publishing’s 2013 VBS “God’s Backyard Bible Camp” Go to: http://www.vacationbibleschool.com for all the details. The music and videos are done now. I’m pumped for you to hear the music!

I have a few other projects underway that I’ll be finishing up this fall. I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

On a more personal front my son, Sparrow, is a growing machine. He’s now 18 months. He loves music, balloons, hats and flags! Yes, he can spot a flag as we drive down the road like no other. It’s crazy to think back as to how much he has grown and developed in these short 18 months. I can’t believe what a little boy he is already. He loves to play outside and pick up rocks! We even squeezed in some swim lessons. Sparrow loves the water! Here are a few pictures of Sparrow.

Thanks for your support. I appreciate how you cheer me on! The best is yet to come.


P.S. Did you know I’m on Pinterest now? Yep, you can pin some Yancy music and other music and worship leading inspirational insight. http://pinterest.com/yancynotnancy/


Praise Party Birthday Party

September 6th, 2012

A little girl named Larissa celebrated her birthday in a fun way. She had a “Praise Party” Yancy style birthday party. Here’s a few pictures to show the fun she and her friends had. I am excited she chose to celebrate her birthday while making her praise and love for Jesus loud!



Due to many requests we’ve made a way for you to wish your friends “Happy Birthday” Yancy style. We’ve made “Happy Birthday To You” available from Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday CD and DVD on youtube. So use this link  http://youtu.be/7hGwuAbtpzw to facebook message, email and twitter away to say “Happy Birthday” in a super fun way!


Yancy is featured in the new September 2012 issue of Christian Retailing as part of their “Nifty 50: Honoring the top movers and shakers in the children’s market” http://strang.imirus.com/Mpowered/imirus.jsp?volume=cr12&issue=8&page=38 (page 38).  Kids and parents have fallen in love with the music Yancy makes for families. From preteen all the way down to preschool Yancy has an unparalleled ability to lead all ages in worship. Churches and children’s ministry leaders in the US and around the world use her worship resources each week.  “To be featured in this list is a true honor. I love making music for kids and families! To have Christian Retailing highlight and underline what I do fills my heart with thanks” Yancy says.

Go support Yancy’s music at Christian Retail. Next time you’re at your local Christian bookstore look for Yancy’s music. If it’s not on the shelf ask for it. Encourage your local store to carry Yancy’s CD’s and DVD’s so more families in your community can have this great music at their fingertips.