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Minivans Everywhere

January 24th, 2013

This spring is going to be full of fun, new things here in Yancyland. Don’t forget about the new CD/DVD “Jesus Music Box” coming March 5th! But, for today, we have a fun new video for you that sums up why Yancy does what she does. Check it out (and tell all your friends about it too) 

Stay tuned…more new videos are coming soon.


We are so excited to announce we finally have an official release date of Yancy’s new CD and DVD. March 5th is the big day. We’ll have some pre-order options very soon for you that will help you get the music even faster. Yancy has been hard at work in the studio and these are twelve incredible songs coming your way. The album is called “Jesus Music Box”. It’s all about making Jesus loud in your life. Some of the songs include: “Not Ashamed”, “Better Than the Best Thing”, “Be Careful” and “Our God Reigns”. There will be a DVD for churches also with motion graphic song lyric videos, soundtracks and mp4 files to import in your presentation software. Start spreading the word and stay tune here for updates.

My friends over at Children’s Ministry Deals have twisted my arm into offering you a super duper awesome sale on my worship videos. You won’t want to miss this deal. Check out everything that’s included and place your order at http://www.childrens-ministry-deals.com/collections/frontpage/products/yancys-childrens-ministry-worship-bundle

What a great way to complete your Yancy collection and kick off the new year getting serious about kids worshipping God!


Motherhood and Ministry

January 3rd, 2013

I wrote a guest blog post over on a friend’s blog about motherhood and ministry. Lessons I learned from my parents and things I want to pass on and teach Sparrow. I’d love for you to read it: