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Hillsong ContestYancy loves you and she loves Hillsong. In honor of Hillsong having their first USA conference this fall we are giving away 2 registrations to their conference in Los Angeles, CA Oct 18 & 19 at Nokia Theater. To enter:

1. Repost this photo on Instagram
2. Follow @yancynotnancy on Instagram
3. Use hashtag #yancylovesme

Winner will be picked at random Friday 9/6. Winner must provide travel, hotel and food. Only the registrations to conference will be given by Yancy. Profiles must be public to be eligible. #yancylovesme #hillsong #hillsongusa @hillsong @hillsongmusic

Yancy shared about the importance of Kids Worship in a “Bright Spot” for INCM (Learn more about INCM and their CPC Conferences at http://www.incm.org)

In this short video Yancy talks about the importance of giving kids the opportunity to worship. A great resource to send to your volunteers and worship team members too. You can watch it for yourself here. http://incm.org/videos/bright-spot-yancy/

She’s back! After taking a break last year Yancy will return starting this fall to lead worship for the preteen event, SuperStart. If you’re not familiar with SuperStart it’s an amazing two day event made specifically for 4th, 5th & 6th graders. You can get all the tour info at http://www.ciy.com/superstart

Yancy is excited to head out on the road leading worship for these events. She will be sharing some of the songs off her latest album targeted for preteens, Jesus Music Box.  Yancy says: “SuperStart is such a great event that speaks into the lives of these students at a special time in their life. I’m excited for the theme of the tour, ‘Treasured’ and can’t wait to lead students and leaders at each event in worship to our amazing God!”

Here are the tour dates:

– St. Louis, MO – October 18-19, 2013
– Atlanta, GA – November 1-2, 2013
– Louisville, KY – November 8-9, 2013
– Orlando, FL – November 15-16, 2013
– Phoenix, AZ – January 17-18, 2014
– Portland, OR – January 24-25, 2014
– Dallas, TX – February 14-15, 2014
– Tulsa, OK – February 21-22, 2014
– Bloomington, IN -March 7-8, 2014
– Indianapolis, IN – March 14-15, 2014
– Cincinnati, OH – March 21-22, 2014

Stay tuned for more info on some important sponsors that are helping to make this possible. We are excited to share with you these great companies that are making worship with Yancy possible.

Yancy will be booking additional shows in the cities/area of the SuperStart tour the Sundays of the same weekends. If your church is interested in having Yancy for a family concert or special event please email us here at info@yancynotnancy.com

Yesterday, I celebrated the 18th anniversary of my first concert. August 16, 1995 is a day permanently etched in my mind. See, let me explain the scenario. A just turned fifteen year old girl who had a dream to do music was asked by her youth pastor to do a concert for the youth group. That spring God had put it in his heart to do what he could to help me see my dream come true. I served my church on the worship team of the youth group, college and career group and even kids ministry. I sang and played piano. Aside from my worship team responsibilities the most I ever I did was sing offering specials, one song at a time. So doing a concert and talking in between songs, etc. was a big deal for this girl. My youth pastor, Jeff Ables, obeyed an invitation from God and it changed my life forever. Sure, without his help I was still on a path to do music and probably one day eventually would do so but my youth pastor helped me move from neutral into drive. The date was scheduled, the songs were chosen, the singers and band would rehearse. My amazing piano teacher, Willie Davis, who was Carman’s music director back when that was a very cool thing :-) helped me plan what to say, where to stand, etc. That Wednesday instead of our normal youth service I got to start living my dream. I even did two original songs that night. The wheels were now turning. In the year that would follow I would make my first 2 song recording and start doing other events around my community. By August of 1997 I was recording my first CD and getting ready to hit the road and tour at churches and youth groups all around. The rest of the story is the journey that leads me to where I am today.

As I was reminiscing yesterday on the anniversary of such a special day in my life I was reminded of so many different people that impacted my life as a teenager. And I realized why I believe in student ministry so much. People impact people. Andy Stanley said it best when he said “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.” I have amazing parents and I know that. I’m super grateful for them and their investment, love and support of me always.  Looking back I understand that there were other voices too, other people I looked up to and who believed in me. Each week they invested and spent time with me. Their challenging questions about how I was growing in my relationship with God that may have felt uncomfortable at the time all shaped me into who I am today. There were so many adults that planted seeds in me. They helped water those seeds with their words to help me realize who God had made me to be and what He had called me to do. I would not be here without them. I want to say a big thank you to just a few of those people: Lucinda Farrington, Johnnie Hampton, Kelly Williams, Carolyn Dudley, Joel & Jennifer Scrivner, Hugo & Michelle Montes, Ric Larson, Scott Sunday.  I truly say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference maker you were to my life. You helped raise me up. You contributed to the kingdom of God by doing so. I could never repay you but know you make my heart very full and I’m grateful.

This is why I believe in student ministry. “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.” I was raised by not just my parents and not just my pastors but volunteers in my church. People that gave up their time to speak into my life. They helped show me what a Christian looks like. They encouraged me that God did have a plan for my life. They spoke words of life into my heart. I am who I am today because of these fine people and so many more.

Each week I serve at my church in the high school ministry. I help lead worship and help lead a campus group. I hope that I can impact at least one student the way others impacted me. This is how we the kingdom of God grows and flourishes. Never underestimate the time you invest in others. Even when it feels mundane and meaningless I can assure you it is treasure chest of blessing to somebody in your world. Keep giving to others. Keep speaking into the lives of the next generation. Keep being an example of Jesus to your world. This ministry may be your finest achievement in the end and that seems like a mighty good thing to me.

With a grateful heart,


photoYou may or may not be familiar with Worship House Media. They have a website that is amazing for churches. On their site they offer all kinds of different video media from countdowns to sermon bumpers and funny skits that feature great content for church services. They have a sister site called http://www.worshiphousekids.com and feature all of my live lyric videos for worship and Little Praise Party videos. I recently got word that for the second year in a row (insert excited scream!) I won their “Producer Awards Customers’ Choice for WorshipHouseKids”. This is based on sales and well, my Little Praise Party song “Father Abraham” won the award this year! Woo hoo…..that’s pretty awesome! I’m gonna go do my little happy dance now.

In all seriousness I love creating resources the church can use. Anytime I find out that a church, and therefore the flock at the church represented, is being impacted by my music I am humbled and grateful. I love knowing that I’m helping to make a difference and teach a new generation about the amazing love of Jesus!

Hope In the Midst of Tragedy

August 13th, 2013

Yesterday, I received a humbling email and I want to share it with you. Although this story shares about me I want you to realize that we all have stories that are like these. As you serve others each day, through the way you treat others, the words you speak and the smiles you display you are Jesus to this world. Never underestimate even the simplest of tasks and things that may seem mundane. You just never know how close someone in your life is to taking their last breath. You through your life make a difference in this world as you plant seeds for the kingdom of God that will never fail and never fade for eternity.

Be encouraged today,



Good Morning,

 My name is Kevin Barnard and I am the minister at Powersville Christian Church in Brooksville, KY.  We conducted our VBS in late June this year with the theme of God’s Big Backyard.  We had several neighborhood kids there all week, and would never have expected the story that would follow for one family.

 Two weeks after VBS, a house fire would claim the lives of 5 family members in our community.  The father escaped with injuries, but the mother, 2 teens, and 2 children would loose their lives in that fire.  The 2 children, along with 1 teen brother, were involved with our VBS each night.  Although they never attended on Sunday’s, we could always count on them being around at VBS. 

 You always wonder what impact you have on the kids, and if they learned from the lessons, crafts, and songs.  As I met with this family to plan their memorial service, an aunt commented on how Emily was singing “God’s Big Backyard” all the way home from a camping trip 4 days before the accident.  It was a seed that God planted in her heart and now she is experiencing the greatness of God’s backyard in Heaven.

 I wanted to share this story with you, and thank you for the songs that plant God’s Word into hearts and minds of children.  They made an impact on this young girl’s life, and our prayer is that your ministry will continue to impact more lives of kids  everywhere.

 Keep up the good work, and from our hearts…Thank You!

 In Him,


Monday, August 5th Yancy will be on the Harvest TV Show on LeSea Broadcasting. She will be sharing songs from her newest album, “Roots for the Journey”. Check your local listings and set your DVR to record the show. For more info visit http://www.harvest-tv.com