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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for you and your support of my music and ministry. I hope you and your family have an amazing day on Thursday. Let’s be thankful today and every day for all God has done in our lives. Here’s a song from Little Praise Party (http://www.yancynotnancy.com/product-category/preschool-resources/) to help you be thankful, turkey style, this Thanksgiving. Feel free to share this FUN video  on social media and remind those in your life to be thankful.



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Do you have a story/testimony of what “Little Praise Party” means to your family or church #kidmin?

I’m working on some new promo items for the upcoming February release of “Little Praise Party-Taste and See” and I would be ever so grateful if you would end me an email to info@yancynotnancy.com telling your story. If you can send a video of you sharing how “Little Praise Party” has impacted you and yours that would be even better. (I may even send you a little thank you gift!)

Thank you so much for helping me tell the story of life change that has happened through these little songs and cartoon videos. I appreciate your help. This new album and video collection is gonna rock. Seriously, some of the best yet. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

We are so excited that Yancy’s song “Gritar” (Shout!) is #1 in Guatemala. Released on the Spanish album and DVD “Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza” earlier this year. If you know someone who would benefit from this kids music in spanish please tell them about the project.

Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pequena-fiesta-de-alabanza/id881967239

CD http://www.yancynotnancy.com/product/pequena-fiesta-de-alabanza/

CD/DVD combohttp://www.yancynotnancy.com/product/pequena-fiesta-de-alabanza-cddvd-ministry-combo/


And while we’re talking about international impact our office received a sweet note on Facebook from a Father in Slovakia.

“I would like to express my thanks for your wonderful music. My 3 girls (2,4,31) just love it! We have bumped into your songs by coincidence last year on youtube. Ever since, they have become a part of our family life. You have given us a powerfull tool, that helps us to bring our kids closer to God every day.”

That my friends is what it’s all about. Yancy loves creating resources for both home and the church. Music is a powerful thing. To impact young hearts with the love of Christ is what it’s all about.

SS booking image 2

In the first quarter or so of 2015 Yancy will be traveling to the following list of cities. There’s some flexibility in travel plans where Yancy is available on the following days to come to YOUR church. Whether you want to do a church-wide family concert, have me  lead worship, or something else we want to discuss your needs and see how we can create a unique opportunity for families and kids to have a blast at church worshipping God.

1/18 Sacramento, CA
1/25 Chattanooga, TN
2/8 Phoenix, AZ
2/11 Dallas, TX
2/22 (PM) Tulsa, OK
3/4 Indianapolis, IN
3/8 (PM) Detroit, MI
3/15 Bloomington, IL
3/25 or 29 Cincinnati, OH
4/8 or 12 Chicago, IL
4/19 Louisville, KY

Because we are already in the above cities on these days we can reduce our normal booking fee. Please email info@yancynotnancy.com or call Megan at 615-631-6862 to get more info and lock-in your date.

SS booking image 1

I’m excited to be a part of the KidzMatter Virtual Event happening next week! This is going to be an event like none other. Based on the amazing response they are receiving, KidzMatter is already beginning to plan the second event!

Check out the awesome list of speakers and their teaching topics. You are going to be amazed by the line-up. I’m thrilled to get to share about something dear to my heart and that is kids worship. Check out the full line-up below.


Phil Vischer 

Creator of VeggieTales and What’s In the Bible

Teaching Topic: Me, Myself and Bob

Ryan Frank

CEO/Publisher at KidzMatter

Teaching Topic: Pursuing Excellence in Ministry

Bryan Osborne

Children’s Ministry Champion at Answers in Genesis

Teaching Topic: Secrets for Helping Kids Establish a Biblical Worldview

Dan Lovaglia

Director of New Ministries at Awana

Teaching Topic: 5 Life-Giving Invitations for Children’s Ministry

Craig Johnson

Family Pastor at Lakewood Church and Creator of Champions Club

Teaching Topic: Creating Incredible Moments for Special Needs Children and Their Families

Jeffrey Read

Director of LifeWay Kids

Teaching Topic: Structuring Your Ministry for Growth


Musician and songwriter

Teaching Topic: 5 Things I Always Get Asked About Leading Kids in Worship

Dr. Michelle Anthony

Family Ministry Architect at David C Cook

Teaching Topic: 3 Things Every Church Needs to Know About Family Ministry

Brian Dollar

Children’s Pastor and Creator of High Voltage Kids

Teaching Topic: How to Communicate So Kids Want to Listen

Matt Guevara

Executive Director at International Network of Children’s Ministry

Teaching Topic: Ministry to Digital Learners


If you haven’t signed up, please do so today! Because this is an online event, registration is limited. At $149, you won’t beat the value. Remember, you can invite your entire ministry team to participate… AND, you get over $500 in bonuses. How cool is that?


I hope to see you on November 13th!