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August 19th, 2015

We are excited to launch a new version of our website. With any change in technology there can be some errors. So, if you need to reach us feel free to call 615-631-6862.

Or email us:
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If you encounter any issues with the site i.e. links not working or store issues please call or email us at the contact info above and let us know what you encountered. Thanks for your help. We are excited for the new site, which is mobile friendly, and making your experience at YancyNotNancy.com and YancyMinistries.com even more rocking!


July 17th, 2015

I’m reflecting.

Today is the last day of this season of my life. Tomorrow a new chapter unfolds. On my birthday eve I’m remembering…I’m reflecting.

This week God sent a couple reminders into my life. Blast from the pasts kind of relationships. People I haven’t seen in a long time…but yet we share in each other’s journeys. Each person, each interaction, it’s not by accident. I love these glimpses into my own history because I realize my life is so much bigger than me. God’s hand in my life and His steadfast faithfulness to give new mercies each day is not only part of my past but my future.
People matter. “It’s all who you know” right? Oddball guys in youth groups grow up to be super talented and successful musicians. Just like girls with potential and talent need to develop their craft. Sometimes one person is the conduit for new relationships to develop.

Rarely will one person change your life…but without each person in your story you wouldn’t have developed such a lovely narrative.

Tonight, I’m grateful. I realize what an amazing journey I’ve had…and the special people that reminded me of this truth as our lives intersected…I’m turning the page smiling. I know the next chapter will be rich and rewarding because God is faithful!

Posted on Yancy’s Facebook and Instagram 7/15/15.

ChildrensMinistry.com recently interviewed me about the music I make for kids. Learn a little bit more of my story here: http://childrensministry.com/articles/leading-worship-in-childrens-ministry-yancy-speaks/


Virtual Bus Trip

May 13th, 2015

Hey #Kidmin friends,

I want to tell you about something very cool that is coming up May 27 & 28, 2015. It’s the Kidzmatter Virtual Bus Trip. It’s an awesome way for you to go check out 10 different churches, seeing and hearing how they do ministry without ever leaving your home or office.

If you sign up for the event using this link you’ll get a special bonus. I’ll give you 5 of my “Roots for the Journey” CD’s. (Scripture music that’s perfect as a lullaby for the young and a piece of encouragement for the spirit of old.) Many churches use these as baby dedication gifts and volunteer appreciation gifts. Download the “Roots for the Journey” family devotional app too. You can use the five CD’s as gifts for your church.

I hope you can join my friends for this awesome virtual church tour. 


Easter Worship Bundles

March 4th, 2015

Just in time for Easter we have rolled out a couple bundles for download of our Easter themed worship songs and transition videos. We have two bundles: one for your younger kids


And one for older kids http://www.worshiphousemedia.com/worship-tracks/50097/Easter-Bundle-Vol-1

Please consider these songs for your #kidmin to help celebrate that Jesus is alive!

I recently wrote a blog post that my friends at JesusWired.com have up exclusively. Take a few minutes to read it. I hope you’ll be encouraged hearing my story and experience of my world falling apart. Read it here.

Peace and love,


New is exciting. There’s a freshness and expectancy that seems to surround it’s every moment. For months (and really a good chunk of the past year) I’ve been working on new songs for this generation. A young generation that is learning and experiencing God at a young age. I truly want for this generation to taste and see that the Lord is good. That’s why I’ve made 15 new songs and videos that kids and their parents can love.

The creation of a new project is very much like the childbirth process. You experience so many emotions throughout the process. Ups and downs, excitement and worry. But, regardless of the journey, that moment your precious baby is born is unlike any other. Today, I present to you my new baby. Today is the day that Little Praise Party-Taste and See is officially released to the world.

If you haven’t already you can watch a video we put together about it. You’ll hear from me firsthand how Little Praise Party began. I had no agenda and grand plan that this series would turn into four albums (3 english and 1 spanish….and counting!) I started writings songs for my church…it’s truly a “God’s plan is bigger than our own” story.

I’ve put my whole heart into this project. I was inspired at home more than ever by my sweet boy, Sparrow who turns four in a few weeks. I’m expectant for the stories that will be told of kids and families singing along to these songs. At home, in the car, at church or wherever they are. The songs are filled with the truth of God’s Word. I’m thankful the Word does not return void.

Thanks for joining me in celebration today! “Taste and See” is here!

Preview the DVD

Download on iTunes 

Order CD’s and DVD’s Online 

Songs About Love

February 2nd, 2015

It’s February! Thinking about Valentine’s just around the bend I thought I would give you a list of my songs that have to do with love. Of course most this list is about loving God but hey, what a great opportunity to teach your kids and family about the most important gift of love we’ve ever received and how we can respond to that love. Then of course, there’s that second greatest commandment “Loving others as our self”. So, as you plan out your worship sets to sing at church the next couple weeks or if you’re looking for some new tunes to freshen up the ipod playlist for the family car or even devotional time at home here’s a list of songs to help you out this month. I hope you enjoy!


From “Little Praise Party-Taste and See”

I Love You Lord


From “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams”

I Love You

Sincerely, Completely Yours

Love God, Hate Sin


From “Rock-N-Happy Heart”

With All My Heart



From “Loud & Clear”

Love the Lord


From “Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday”

Love One Another (there’s two versions. One more uptempo and then also a lullaby version, soft and sweet)


Also available in Spanish from “Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza”


From “Little Praise Party-My Best Friend”

With All My Heart

Give Your Heart To Jesus

Jesus Loves Me


Lyric Videos are available for all of these on DVD at http://www.yancynotnancy.com/product-category/dvds/


Or as a download from http://www.worshiphousekids.com


The SuperStart Tour Continues

January 16th, 2015

I am so pumped that the first 2015 tour stop of the SuperStart “Something Amazing” tour is today. We are in Sacramento, CA this weekend and then the “Something Amazing” tour will continue to make stops in Phoenix, Dallas, Tulsa, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and Chicago. Learn more about the event and register to attend at http://www.ciy.com/superstart.

This year’s tour has some awesome sponsors that are helping make it possible. 


Sweet Sleep


My Healthy Church

Amber Sky Records

Taylor Guitars

These companies are supporting me leading worship at SuperStart. Be sure to show them your love and appreciation.


What’s Your Voice?

January 4th, 2015

I hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year’s. A few days ago I was thinking about this subject that I wrote a guest post on a couple years ago. The site I originally wrote the post for is no more so I decided I’d share it with you here. Enjoy.

WHAT’S YOUR FASHION VOICE? (originally written November 2012)

This is my very first Together in Ten post. I’m super excited and then maybe a little freaked out. I make music for families and I’m used to writing about my music and faith and things that move me but fashion tips and advice well, this is a new one. Although coming from someone who on vacation spends majority of it shopping I’m sure I’ll do just fine. Yes, I claim shopping as a hobby of mine! I LOVE it. My closet and drawers will vouch for this obsession of mine. (Not that I’m calling it an obsession but I’m sure other people would call it that!)

In addition to my life making music I am a wife and mother. My son, Sparrow, is 20 months. I have a confession and that is I don’t know that I can get together in ten. As a teen I remember allowing two yes, TWO hours to get myself dressed. Granted I had some permed flowing locks and bangs to get styled just right but seriously what did I do for two hours? Now, I’m much faster but I probably need 45-60 minutes to get myself completely clean and dressed. If I get dressed in ten minutes then that means I didn’t bathe and am probably wearing yesterday’s clothes and makeup. Not saying that to discourage you but rather be honest. Yeah, I can brush my teeth, dry my hair and fix it in ten minutes. I can even put on my makeup and jewelry in ten minutes. I just can’t wash my hair, wear makeup and leave the house in some fancy duds that quickly. 

Over the past couple years I’ve realized something about my closet. It’s at a place now where it all works together. One thing may be from eight years ago, another three years ago and something else brand new. Why is that? More than any trend out there (and I’m not against them) I have a theme that is me. When you buy clothes that you love and speak to you  whether that includes colors or prints then what you build is not just a wardrobe but a collection of tools to help you look you when you walk out the door. Sure, my style may be more wild and extreme or maybe even gaudy then what you care for but the principle is true. What do you love? What colors speak to you and you look best in? Don’t just buy clothes but buy the things you love and build your wardrobe in your favorite things. What happens then is you have a pair of black and white polka dot pumps from seven years ago that look amazing with that black and white polka dot top you bought this past spring. The collection works together like the greatest teamwork talk you could ever have been given by your boss or even the one you gave to your child yesterday about getting along with their sibling.

So my question for you is this. What’s your fashion voice? What are your favorite patterns and colors? Does your wardrobe have those patterns and colors? If not, why not? If it does then start mixing and matching and recreating in new ways this look that is you. You have a fashion voice whether it’s “I don’t care”, “gym slob”, or “I”m happy to be me.” Hello, episode of “What Not To Wear”. You’ve seen the progression that happens when you just choose to dress yourself like you care.

Here’s a picture from a photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. You can see what I mean by favorites. There are many reoccurring themes both in color and pattern here but yet, all different outfits. At the end of the day they are me: Wife, mother, artist, fashion lover, Jesus follower, Yancy.

Until next time, I’ll be trying to speed up my get dressed time to be closer to ten :-) and doing some Christmas shopping, yes!