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VBS 17 Announcement

August 23rd, 2016


Recently, I have received many VBS questions and now that this summer’s official VBS season is nearly done, I wanted to let every know our plans for 2017 VBS. 

I am so thankful for the last five years partnering with Standard Publishing (now Christian Standard Media) VBS. This last year was the best ever many of you have sent me great stories about the impact on your kid’s lives. Unfortunately because of major changes within their company, I will not be involved in a VBS program for 2017. 

If you are a VBS leader, I know you are a great planner and understand that publishers are making plans now for their 2018 VBS. If music from Yancy Ministries has worked well  for you in the past, I would appreciate you letting your favorite VBS publisher know right now that you would like to see Yancy music in their VBS program.  It is time to make your voice heard. That will really help us get things rolling for the future to find a new partner and home for my music to be included in a VBS program. 

It is my honor and joy to create music resources for the Church. Thank you for your continued support and use of resources from Yancy Ministries!


P.S. In a few months, I’ll be sending out suggestions of my songs that will work great with many of the 2017 themes. I hope you will consider adding our music into the program you choose. 

Hey there.

It’s been awhile…I thought I’d share with you a few things I’ve posted about on social media lately.

#1 Kids worshipping. This video will give you chill bumps. You have to see this: https://www.facebook.com/yancynotnancy/videos/479904262209445/

#2 How To Develop a Culture of Worship In Your Church. This is a must-read post I wrote for Orange Leaders. If you’re involved in worship ministry for any age whether that’s adults, students or kids you need to read this. http://orangeblogs.org/orangeleaders/2015/05/19/how-to-develop-a-culture-of-worship-in-your-church/

#3 Hot songs to add to your worship sets for Kidmin this summer. goo.gl/Kv02B3

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This fall I’ll be in St. Louis, Atlanta, Orlando, Louisville, and Columbus (OH). I’d love to come lead worship or do a family concert while I’m in the area for a reduced fee. Contact Megan in my office at info@YancyNotNancy.com today for more details or call 615-631-6862 to get your date on the calendar.

The news is out. WorshipHouseMedia just had their 2015 Producer award and Yancy won for best worship track with her lyric video for the song “Oceans” (Made popular by Hillsong United). Yancy said, “The best part of awards like this is knowing all the people using the resources in local churches. That is what makes this award possible. I love creating resources for the church and am so thankful people have responded so well to this video!” 

To see the full list of winners http://click1.scpmail.com/ViewMessage.do?m=yqbsfcgcsq&r=dhgrssrphmrt&s=ggwlynctlwlcmthkqpjsjcnmgqqmwrcjyyh&q=0&a=view

Acclaimed singer/songwriter and family worship leader, Yancy, has a great passion for helping point children to Jesus through worship.  “Our praise is powerful. Kids praising God is the most powerful of all. I love leading kids in worship because it is so sweet and sincere. It is pure and unashamed. Nothing brings a tear to my eye like a group of kids lifting their hands and singing songs of worship. I think every time I experience kids worship I better understand how I’m suppose to worship. Worshipping God is what each of us were created to do.”

Yancy began leading worship and writing songs for the children at her church, filling a need for worship in the preschool age group. “I had no idea how God would use those songs and that it would grow into a series of projects. It was truly a ‘God’s dream and plans are bigger than we can comprehend’ scenario for me.” She followed God’s guidance and began to expand her ministry, creating music that was embraced by older children and pre-teens nationwide as well as their parents.

Her albums, Jesus Music Box and Stars, Guitars, & Megaphone Dreams are filled with rocking beats and rousing choruses, songs of praise that kids will be singing all week. With it’s energizing rhythms and catchy lyrics, “Better Than The Best Thing” praises Jesus’s great love and grace, exalting His name and declaring, “Jesus, You’re better than the best thing. Your love is making my heart sing. Nothing could ever separate me from You.”  “Not Ashamed” is another great song that encourages kids to be bold about their faith. “I Love You” expresses a heart full of adoration for Jesus and the decision to live life for Him, singing, “I love You. With all of my heart I love You. With all of my life I love You. With all of my dreams I love You.”

Her newest release, Little Praise Party: Taste and See, teaches young children Biblical truths in an engaging and memorable way.  “It’s a Happy Day” is a perfect song for Easter, rejoicing in Jesus’s resurrection, “Jesus is alive, It’s a happy day. C’mon everybody let me hear you say Jesus is alive. It’s a happy day. Let’s have a party and celebrate!” “Praise The Lord Every Day” boldly declares that we will praise the Lord at all times and with all parts of who we are.  It’s infectious and joyful, integrating in a popular chorus that many people grew up singing during their own childhoods, “Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah. Praise the Lord!”  “I want this generation to Taste and See that the Lord is good,” Yancy says, “and if they do that at an early age, I believe they’ll be able to have the relationship they need to have with the Lord so it doesn’t turn into one of those sad stories you hear about people turning their backs on their faith later in life.”

For more info and links to the catalog of Yancy’s songs available visit http://www.multitracks.com/blog/multitracks-now-available-from-yancy/

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Free KidMin Song Track

July 8th, 2015

Free KidMin Song Track from Yancy Ministries – Our Best Selling Producer.

The KidMin Hit of the Summer!


WorshipHouseKids.com offers fun and interactive kids worship songs, backgrounds, children’s Bible videos and countdowns to help get kids engaged in worship and excited about learning God’s Word.  Get this free song to see how WorshipHouse Kids can help enhance your KidMin every week!

Get it HERE!


(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — For the fifth year in a row, Christian singer-songwriter and children’s worship expert Yancy has partnered with Standard Publishing to write and produce all-new original music for their popular Vacation Bible School curriculum. 2016’s Deep Sea Discovery VBS program, which will also include contributions from missionary/author Beth Guckenberger of Back2Back Ministries, is packed with fun and adventure, teaching kids that “God KNOWS me, HEARS me, STRENGTHENS me, LOVES me and SENDS me.”

“This is the fifth year that Standard Publishing has asked me to create original music and videos for their VBS program,” says Yancy. “I’m honored to continue this partnership, and I love creating resources for the local church that affect the lives of kids around the world. I am passionate about having great songs and media to reach this generation. I believe in the power of music and know that it will reinforce the lessons, and relationships that kids will experience at VBS.”

Taking its theme from Genesis 28:15, Deep Sea Discovery VBS focuses on one important truth for kids: God is with me and will watch over me wherever I go! Each day, kids dive into God’s presence by delving deep into His Word to see how He has been with his people every step of the way. They will get to know God is always with them, explore God’s presence in their lives, and serve God by serving others. Hands-on service projects and sea science will help kids experience a VBS adventure like no other, and they’ll leave each day ready to set sail to serve others and tell God’s story.

Deep Sea Discovery VBS products consist of a comprehensive kit and over 40 other resources. The kit is packed with everything needed to plan and lead a VBS or family ministry event. It includes the Director’s Guide, Planning Disc Set, Music Disc Set, all leader’s guides and cards, student books, Age-level Resources Disc Set, Decorating Resource Pack, and four poster packs.

“Another important element in making our VBS program so engaging, and its messages so impactful, is the quality of our freely reproducible music,” said Laura Hannah, Vice President of Marketing at Standard Publishing. “This can make the songs that are sung available to every child to take home. We are thrilled to partner again with kid-favorite worship leader, Yancy.”

Deep Sea Discovery VBS also offers a unique special needs sensory station, named Breakaway Bay, where kids with special sensory needs can experience an oasis of calm in the busy world of VBS, while still learning the same lessons and participating in the activities all the other kids are doing. Kids can come and go as needed to the site with their designated partners, called Diving Buddies.

Preorder Deep Sea Discovery VBS and receive FREE shipping by 6/19/15, or learn more at 2016.vacationbibleschool.com

About Yancy: For more than a decade, Yancy has been making music for Christian music fans of all ages. As a songwriter, she has penned songs with Third Day frontman Mac Powell, wrote the Jaci Velasquez hit “Something Beautiful” and Avalon’s chart-topping “I Don’t Want To Go.” As an artist, Yancy has released radio-friendly pop/rock albums and multiple projects for kids and young adults, while sharing the stage with Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, Plumb and many more. Yancy also pens a monthly column for KidzMatter Magazine. Yancy’s latest album, Little Praise Party: Taste and See, was released in February. The CD and DVD is the fourth release in the popular Little Praise Party worship music series for young children. For more information, visit www.yancyministries.com.

About Standard Publishing: For nearly 150 years, Standard Publishing has been a Christian mission-driven leader in true-to-the Bible resources that educate, encourage, and enrich adults, youth, and children. From founding a journal devoted to New Testament Christianity in 1865, to the publication of the first Uniform Lesson in 1873 and the first publication of Vacation Bible School (VBS) materials with a five-week, all day program in 1923 to its contemporary publication of the nation’s most popular annual Bible Commentary and its award-winning 2015 VBS, Standard Publishing continues to be a trusted ministry resources partner to church communities worldwide. For more information, visit www.standardpub.com or call 800.543.1353.

All About Family Bundle

May 13th, 2015



We have a new #Kidmin bundle available at WorshipHouseKids.com. It’s called All About Family.

This bundle from Yancy features songs that are “all about family”. Includes worship songs with theme of giving thanks for your family and mom and dad. Songs also focus on obedience and being kind and loving. Perfect for “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” and anytime during the year you want to focus on the family. Featuring the five songs: 

• Obey

• Praise Party

• Gonna Serve

• Love One Another

• Super Wonderful

Download these five videos for a special price.

TAS cover NEW 10-6 navy(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — In anticipation of the February 10th release of Little Praise Party: Taste and See, Yancy has released a new promotional video, including testimonies from parents, pastors and recording artist Jaci Velasquez. View the video here: http://youtu.be/aJ4iiG1LRRk.

“Little Praise Party started as a collection of songs for my local church to use,” says Yancy. “It’s been amazing to see how God has used those songs in churches and homes around the world.”

Taste and See, the fourth release in the popular worship music series for young children, will be available on CD and DVD, featuring 15 easy-to-sing songs (plus two bonus tracks exclusively available at iTunes). The Little Praise Party series is available online and in Christian bookstores everywhere via Elevate Entertainment and Syntax Distribution. For church and classroom use, there is also a Church DVD available that includes all 15 songs plus the soundtracks, mp4 files and a group viewing license.

“Hearing children sing God’s praises never gets old,” says Yancy. “And it gives me chills hearing their sweet little voices sing their love to the Lord. Music is a powerful thing. It’s an important tool that we have to use in our homes and churches to plant Biblical truth in the hearts of kids. It’s the very reason we started making Little Praise Party music.”

Yancy’s Little Praise Party series engages kids from the very start with non-stop sing-along fun for the entire family. In addition to CDs, each project in the series has a companion DVD filled with exciting animation with on-screen lyrics to help visualize the words and stories portrayed within the songs. The popular Little Praise Party app, available in both iOS & Android formats, features new videos each month in English and Spanish.

“I introduced my kids to Little Praise Party, from Yancy, and it’s really adorable listening to them sing their songs,” said recording artist Jaci Velasquez. “As a mom, my hope and my prayer is that everything that I’m putting into my kids is positive and good and encouraging and hopeful. Because whatever goes in, comes out.”

“We need to begin the process of passing on our faith and Christian values to our children at an early age,” says Yancy. “We really can’t start too soon. My heart and prayer is that this generation would Taste and See that the Lord is good.”

For more than a decade, Yancy has been making music for Christian music fans of all ages. As a songwriter, she has penned songs with Third Day frontman Mac Powell, wrote the Jaci Velasquez hit “Something Beautiful” and Avalon’s chart-topping “I Don’t Want To Go.” As an artist, Yancy has released radio-friendly pop/rock albums and multiple projects for kids and young adults, while sharing the stage with Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, Plumb and many more. Yancy also pens a monthly column for KidzMatter Magazine, and has written and produced the music and videos for Standard Publishing’s Vacation Bible School curriculum since 2012, reaching over 1,000,000 kids each year.