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Favorite Sites

Sweet Sleep is a faith-based international nonprofit organization that shares God’s love by providing healthy, comfortable beds, bedding and Bibles to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. Currently, Sweet Sleep works in Eastern Europe, Africa and Haiti.

Yancy loves how Sweet Sleep engages kids and pre-teens in meeting the needs of world’s 210 million orphaned and abandoned children through their Build-A-Bed Projects and INSOMNIA lock-in events. As a Sweet Sleep “bedhead artist” Yancy loves to share Sweet Sleep’s mission with your kids and your church. She would also love to lead worship at your Build-A-Bed or INSOMNIA event! Learn more about these projects at www.sweetsleep.org.

Request information or schedule a project with Sweet Sleep here

My husband’s business. If you need graphic design, full color banners or print material, CD & DVD replication, this is the company for you. I highly recommend it.

My dad’s site. He has pretty much taught me everything I know. Extremely talented man and communicator with great leadership resources.

The place to book the elite in Children’s Music Entertainment and many others including Yancy.

Wonderful acoustic guitars. I play a custom 812-e that has a tobacco sunburst.

Yancy is proud to have written, produced and performed the music for Standard Publishing’s 2012 and 2013 VBS curriculums. Click the link to hear the music and learn more.

The best stands in the biz. I refuse to play without my Genesis guitar stand.

Check out the coolest instrument cases on the planet. Yancy is a proud user of Mono Cases.

A new online music site where you can download some of the coolest music available for kids and families. There’s even fun music videos and many worship resources that Yancy provides to help churches develop their worship teams and take their worship for kids to the next level.

A great place to connect with other children’s ministers and leaders facebook/myspace style. There’s also smconnect.org for student ministry and pmconnect.org for pastors.

I use a Neumann KMS 105 mic. It is one fine instrument.